Born Free USA ‘Fur Free Retailer Program’ certifies Frock & Stole Vintage: Press Release

Frock & Stole Vintage Joins Born Free USA’s International Fur Free Retailer Program
Fur Free Retailer Program
Washington, D.C. — The online retailer, Frock & Stole Vintage(, dedicated to vintage dresses and accessories, became a member of the International Fur Free Retailer Program( this week. The announcement was made by Born Free USA and store owner, Lauren Bates.

Bates said, “As an animal advocate, I feel passionate about my brand not being involved with the cruel fur industry, and that includes not selling old fur. I am incredibly proud that Frock & Stole Vintage is the first online vintage dress boutique to be approved by Born Free USA’s Fur Free Retailer Program.”

According to Adam M. Roberts, CEO of Born Free USA and the Born Free Foundation, “Retailers continue to step up worldwide to take a stand against the use of fur in fashion, thanks to companies like Frock & Stole Vintage. We are proud that the program is attracting companies like this and hope this wave continues.”
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Jean Varon ‘The Avengers’ Collection: 1965 Designer Vintage Video

Jean Varon is a name that is often omitted from the roll call of 60’s and 70’s fashion designers, but his dress designs are varied and inspired. He designed costumes for Diana Rigg in ‘The Avengers’ and he’s thought to be the true inventor of the mini-skirt.
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Welcome to My Vintage World – the home of my Frock & Stole Vintage Blog

Thank you for stopping by! I have always adored fashion, and I have a particular love of collecting quality vintage dresses, especially those that are quirky, rare, or just beautiful! My professional background has been in international PR and communications and I have been lucky to work with and advise ethical companies in the fashion and beauty industry. So, Frock & Stole Vintage enables me to combine my skills, experience and passions in one place! My mission is to rediscover, revive and rehome vintages dresses (like the ones above) that have amazing histories and need to be loved – so they can start a new chapter.
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