Welcome to My Vintage World – the home of my Frock & Stole Vintage Blog

Thank you for stopping by! I have always adored fashion, and I have a particular love of collecting quality vintage dresses, especially those that are quirky, rare, or just beautiful! My professional background has been in international PR and communications and I have been lucky to work with and advise ethical companies in the fashion and beauty industry. So, Frock & Stole Vintage enables me to combine my skills, experience and passions in one place! My mission is to rediscover, revive and rehome vintages dresses (like the ones above) that have amazing histories and need to be loved – so they can start a new chapter.

I’ve also amassed a personal collection of vintage dress from some of my favourite designers, so I’ll share them here from time to time. The Vintage Treasures section offers you a taster of items that are currently available to buy from my Etsy shop, or to hire. I do have some pieces that I can’t bear to part with, so they are ‘for hire’ only; you might like them for a special occasion and they do deserve to be seen! And finally, a word about my ‘No Fur’ policy. Having worked with and advised ethical beauty and fashion businesses, I feel passionate about not being involved with the cruel fur industry, and that includes not selling old furs. I am delighted that Frock & Stole Vintage is the first online vintage boutique to be approved by the International Fur Free Retailer Program, the only program that recognizes retailers who put their fur free commitment in writing. In addition, although Frock & Stole Vintage isn’t a vegan-only boutique, I also decided not to sell feathers and leather. Wool and silk will often be found in vintage clothes, but cannot always be identified because labels are often missing. If you want to avoid wool or silk, where there is a label that indicates the fabric composition, I do include the details in the listing. If the label isn’t present the fabric description will be based on my best guess and experience, but that does mean that I can guarantee it will be free from wool or silk. I hope you’ll join me on this vintage fashion adventure and please consider rehoming a vintage treasure!

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