Vintage Dresses – we buy quality vintage!

If you’re decluttering or need to rehome any #vintage that you’ve received, please get in touch. I buy good quality, fur free vintage. I specialise in 1930s to 1980s cocktail dresses and gowns, sometimes quirky or designer day dresses. Designers of interest include #Issey Miyake, #Jean Varon, #Janice Wainwright, early #Jean Allen, plus #1930s and #1940s designer vintage.

Please send an email with the following details:
1. Photo of item
2. Details of any damage, e.g. holes, zippers, stains etc
3. Fabric info if known
4. Provenance (anything interesting you know about the garment)
5. Price you’re thinking about (please include this or I won’t be able to get back to you!)

I’m always happy to chat #vintagedresses, so feel free to get in touch! x

To enquire about an item, please click on 'Contact' above

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