About Frock & Stole Vintage


The Story Behind Frock & Stole Vintage

Frock & Stole Vintage is a fur free, online specialist boutique showcasing a collection of handpicked, ready to buy vintage dresses and accessories from the 1940’s to the 1980’s. It’s also the place to explore and share your passion for all things vintage. The aim is to rediscover, revive and rehome beautiful vintage treasures that have unique stories and are ready to write their next chapter.

Each Frock & Stole Vintage dress is a unique find, chosen for its beauty and rarity, and is probably the last one of its kind. We’re also a bit special because items are in truly amazing vintage condition – occasionally they are the holy grail of vintage, unworn. Some are dressmaker-made from the 40’s, whilst others are designer pieces from the 60’s to the 80’s.

Buying from Frock & Stole Vintage is a stylish investment because genuine, quality vintage clothing is increasingly difficult to find. No more need to worry about spotting the same dress at your red carpet event, cocktail party, office, or special birthday. Or, you could simply add to your private collection for future generations to admire!


About Lauren, Founder & Collection Editor at Frock & Stole Vintage

A child of the 70’s, I grew up watching two fashion decades collide: 60’s mini-skirts, mods and monochrome turned into 70’s big hair, big prints and long flowing frocks. The range of styles, new fabrics and fit was an explosion of never-ending contrasting change and choice.

I have a vivid memory of my Mum looking fabulous in a pink and grey checked A-line suit, complemented by dusky pink, knee-high suede boots, running her 60’s-styled hairdressing salon, from which she’d return smelling of ‘Wella’ perming solution and ‘Dippity Do’ setting gel! Weekends in the 70’s were often punctuated by ‘Abigail’s Party’ style evenings, attended by glamorous women in glorious maxi-dresses, sporting rainbows of eye shadow and seriously lacquered ‘up do’s’ that would withstand a force-10 gale! Although they drew the line at Blue Nun or Babycham, I do recall the odd ‘Cinzano’ or ‘Martini’ cocktail appearing. Demis Roussos was there none, but plenty of Jazz wafted around accompanied by swirls of cigarette and cigar smoke. I was too young to take part, but the images have stayed with me.

I think my own love of fashion and beauty started around age 8 with my first pair of white PVC knee boots. Later, I remember my original little plastic tube of blue Miners eye shadow and Charlie solid perfume in a silver apple, and if I was very lucky, I got to use my aunt’s Estee Lauder selection box of pencils, shadows and brushes. Then the Eighties hit and I embraced the New Romantics style in all its ruffle-filled glory. Duran Duran were my heroes, and the Visage video for Fade to Grey inspired me to want to become involved with fashion, music and beauty.

So, this early interest in fashion eventually led me to work as a make-up artist in London. I regularly hauled my toolbox full of powder and paint to photographic studios, hair salons and catwalk shows, including international events for celeb hairdressers such as Trevor Sorbie. During that period I became aware of the cruel animal tests in the beauty industry and, as finding quality professional cruelty-free cosmetics was then practically impossible, I reluctantly switched fields and developed a successful PR and marketing career, most recently advising beauty brands on producing cruelty-free products! Still obsessive about fashion, during my time spent living and working in London, Paris and Central America, I began to collect vintage treasures, including dresses and jewellery.

My personal style edit has been described as ‘urban-upmarket-hippy’. Basically, it’s eclectic and varies from day to day, but always includes a vintage piece, such as a Katharine Hamnett blue velvet jean jacket, or a 1963 Crown Trifari Avignon necklace! Some of my private collection will be shared with you on My Vintage World and that’s where I’ll let you know about the latest discoveries available to buy or hire.


‘No Fur’ Policy
Frock & Stole Vintage does not knowingly sell products made from fur. It’s the first online vintage dress & accessories boutique to be approved by the International Fur Free Retailer Program, the only program that recognizes retailers who put their fur free commitment in writing.

In addition, although not founded as a vegan-only boutique, we do not sell feathers or leather. Where possible, the listing will include fabric composition, but because many vintage items do not have labels and they may be blends, we can’t guarantee that they are silk or wool free unless specified.


Items for Hire
Some items are iconic examples of their decade and are perfect for a special event. Dresses for hire are indicated in the description. For prices and conditions of hire, please use the contact form to get in touch.

Etsy PrintsWhere to Buy
Frock & Stole Vintage dresses & accessories are available to browse and buy from the Etsy shop or from the Frock & Stole eBay store

To enquire about an item, please click on 'Contact' above

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