Vintage dress history: an amazing Jean Varon delight

One of the many aspects I enjoy about collecting vintage fashion and couture is discovering the history behind each amazing piece.
It’s not always possible of course to uncover the provenance of your latest vintage dress, so it makes it even more special when vintage fashion comes with its own special story.
My latest discovery is an amazing Jean Varon evening dress for my own collection. It’s a black and silver creation that has a long zip up the front (very daring!), a long scarf that ties at the neck and a full, billowing cape attached at the shoulders that flows like liquid bat wings. This amazing creation is in spectacular condition and must have been expensive when first sold.


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1950s vintage bolero jacket – vintage all the way from Memphis!

My fur free vintage fashion collection continues to grow and I have so many pieces that I occasionally come across a piece that I had completely forgotten about! I am careful to store my collection so that it’s protected from damage, and I do have a personal collection that is outgrowing my storage room! So, over the next few months I will be selling vintage dresses and accessories to make space for new pieces.

This genuine vintage 1950’s bolero came from a trip to California. It’s a stunning piece from the ‘Candy’ brand and the label indicates it was sold in the ‘Jack Patterson’ emporium in Memphis.

I’ve said before that there is no such thing as ‘perfect vintage’, but this is spectacular. I honestly don’t think it’s ever been worn. The colours are still bright and the edging is superb. I can imagine this over a pretty vintage summer dress, or if you like to mix and match your decades, why not wear it with jeans and a camisole (or a polo neck for the autumn!).

This divine 1950’s rare jacket is available to buy on my Frock & Stole Etsy store. It’s a one-off, so when it’s gone, it’s gone!

Welcome to My Vintage World – the home of my Frock & Stole Vintage Blog

Thank you for stopping by! I have always adored fashion, and I have a particular love of collecting quality vintage dresses, especially those that are quirky, rare, or just beautiful! My professional background has been in international PR and communications and I have been lucky to work with and advise ethical companies in the fashion and beauty industry. So, Frock & Stole Vintage enables me to combine my skills, experience and passions in one place! My mission is to rediscover, revive and rehome vintages dresses (like the ones above) that have amazing histories and need to be loved – so they can start a new chapter.
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